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LAFH Location Presents: Hot Leads

Updated: May 25


New FMR Rates:

Effective OCTOBER 2022







FY 2023 FMR







Updated 2023: Landlord Move-in Packet (NEW)

Landlord Move-In Packet 2023 Blank
Download PDF • 386KB

Affordable Housing Resources

619 Westlake Apartments (SPA 4): May 2023

  • Accepting applications through May 30, 2023

619_Westlake Flyer May 2023
Download PDF • 629KB

La Veranda (SPA 4) Available Units: May 2023

  • Accepting applications from May 10- June 7, 2023

La_Veranda_Flyer (May 2023)
Download PDF • 1.27MB

SoLA Rental: Available Units 05/2023 (SPA 6): (NEW)

SoLa Rentals Vacancy Flyer May 2023
Download PDF • 1.42MB

Rental Application - SoLa Form - 2022 New.docx (10) (2)
Download PDF • 312KB


05/04/2023 LAFH Location

LAFH LOCATIONS Unit Interest Form 2023
Download DOCX • 41KB

(NEW) Interest form Update: I am happy to announce that effective today, Thursday (April 6, 2023), the Housing Location department will be launching a “Unit interest” form accessible to all caseworkers. The interest form is intended to aid LAFH Locations' efforts in managing and maintaining landlord partnerships as well as ensuring that caseworkers are only pursuing units that are truly feasible for their participants. This tool will also provide caseworkers with an idea of what place in line they are in expressing interest for a unit-- this will help ensure that caseworkers have a realistic idea of what their internal tenant applicant competition looks like for any given unit.

Attached below is the impact that this form will have on unit postings and marketing:

  1. Housing locators will continue post unit acquisitions directly on the LAFH location website; however, landlord contact information, application links, or links to unit posting website sources (Zillow, GoSection8, etc.) will be omitted from the listings.

Attached below are the instructions on how the unit interest form will be utilized:

  1. Case managers will continue to utilize the LAFH Location website to shop around for housing opportunities for their participants. However, when they have identified a unit that may interest their participant, they will be REQUIRED to email a “unit interest” form for that unit to the associated housing locator. The filled-out unit interest form will then be emailed to the associated housing locator who will then review the unit interest forms in the order that they enter their Outlook mailbox. Please note that upon review of the filled interest form, the associated housing locator will provide the caseworker with landlord information, viewing, and application instructions. The housing locator will go in order of received email, trackable by time stamps.


PSH Leads

Gabriela Martinez (PSH Leads)


Shared Housing Leads

Robert Vasquez (Shared Housing Opportunity)

  1. 4BR/3BA (Granada Hills)


Housing Location Presents

Robert Vasquez presents:

11943 Vanowen St., 1BR/North Hollywood (2)/HACLA or TLS | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,747.00 per month Number of available units: 2

740 W El Segundo Blvd., Studio/Gardena(6)/HACLA Only | LAFH Location

  • Studio Unit

  • $1,500.00 per month

43614 Stanridge Ave, 3BR/Lancaster (1)/LACDA or TLS | LAFH Location

  • 3BR/1.5BA Unit

  • $2,666.00 per month

Jerome Nilssen presents:

10335 Wish Ave., 3BR/ Granada Hills (2)/ HACLA Only | LAFH Location

  • 3BR House

  • $3,465.00 per month

14837 Delano St.,2BR/Van Nuys /HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • 2BR Unit

  • $2,666.00 per month

Everett Taylor presents:

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