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(06/09) LAFH Location Presents: Hot Leads

June 09, 2022



Please remember that the LAFH Location Team uploads units that may accept Section 8 only, Rapid Re-housing funds (RRH) only, or both Section 8 and RRH funds. When pursuing a unit, please keep in mind the program (RRH or S8) through which your participant will be funded to ensure you are applying to a unit with a rent that is an allowable per program.

  • If your participant is pursuing a unit via Rapid Re-housing (RRH) funds, please ensure the unit price is below the following Voucher Payment Standards:

  • SRO, max $1141

  • Studio, max $1522

  • One bedroom, max $1764

  • Two bedroom, max $2248

  • Three bedroom, max $2962

  • Four bedroom, max $3226

  • If your participant is pursuing a unit that exceeds the Voucher Payment Standards (VPS) above, please ensure that your participant has a Section 8 voucher in hand. With section 8, there is an added 120% to the VPS for EHV voucher holders, which allows room for higher rents than RRH, but it will be negotiations been the housing authority and landlord that determines the final accepted rental amount after the RTA has been submitted.

Fair Market Rate (FMR) to Voucher Payment Standards (VPS) Quick Guide










1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



3 Bedroom



4 Bedroom




- Geoffrey Williams speaks on "Shared Housing" opportunities

- Beth Kelleher speaks on updates on:

  • Senior units

  • Strategies for new additions to caseloads in wake of LAHSA's announcement.


Location Presents: Hot Leads

Brandie Carter Presents:

140 S. Catalina Ave., #3, 1BR/Pasadena (3)/LACDA or RRH | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,750.00 per month

  • Contact: Celinda (818) 671-4939

8742 Orion Avenue, 2BR/North Hills (2)/HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • 2BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,895.00 per month

  • Contact: Genesis Velasquez (818) 445-0561

Saghar Aliezah Presents:

6652 Darby Ave., APT 52-08, 3BR/Reseda (8)/HACLA or RRH* | LAFH Location

  • 3BR/1.5BR Apartment

  • $2,645.00 per month Important Notice: No option to transition! Voucher in-hand only or RRH only!

  • Contact: Sam BenLeeds (424) 543-4181

8525 De Soto Ave., # 21, 1BR/ Canoga Park (2)/HACLA or RRH | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,595.00 per month

  • Contact: statewide sales agent (818) 456-1748

20431 Saticoy St. # 301, 1BR/Canoga Park(2)/HACLA or RRH | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,675.00 per month

  • Contact: Statewide sales agent (747) 226-6772

Robert (HOTV) Presents:

3009 Sierra St. Los Angeles, CA

7337 Haskell Ave #3 Van Nuys, CA

  • Note(s): LL will work with section 8 and EHV’s but not Rapid, unfortunately. They are looking for credit in the 650s but will work with a double security deposit. This unit comes with the basic cable services but no other utilities are included. She said the Electrical is about $70 a month. They do accept cats but not dogs. They would like the client to have a source of income. They are available Thursday and Friday for viewing.

  • Price: $1,750

  • App Fee: ?

  • Contact: Patricia 818-477-1958 or 818-981-4549

  • Sqft: unknown

  • About the unit: 1st floor 1 bedroom unit with private patio; No Elevator; Street parking

  • Categories/Consideration: Willing to work with section 8 and EHV voucher holders; Will work with fair credit; No Evictions or bankruptcies

  • No incentives were offered

  • Number of units available: No other units are available at this time

  • Link:

7947 Reseda blvd. Reseda, CA

  • Note(s): Landlord will accept section 8 and EHV and don’t have a specific credit score just said they can’t hav a bankruptcy or Eviction. They don’t know what Rapid is so I sent more information so they can see if they will accept it.

  • Price: $1,500

  • App Fee: $45

  • Contact: (818) 342-6505

  • Sqft: 372

  • Available now!

  • 1 bedroom unit not sure what floor the unit is on

  • Street parking

  • No Elevator

  • Will work with Section 8/ EHV’s and possibly Rapid (I’m working on it)

  • Categories/considerations: No Specific credit score required; No Evictions or Bankruptcy; No incentives were offered; No other units available at this time

20006 Roscoe Blvd. #20 Winnetka, CA

2430 Ocean View Ave. Los Angeles, CA

  • Note(s): Landlord will accept section 8 and EHV’s. Don’t have a specific credit score. They mainly look for no evictions and bankruptcies. The unit is available for viewing this week. It overlooks MacArthur Park and has a rooftop lounge. This is probably best for a EHV voucher holder because of the price.

  • 1BR/1BA unit

  • Price: $1,850

  • App Fee: $50

  • Contact: Paul 310-508-1503

  • Sqft. 780

  • Available Now!

  • 1 bed 1 bath unit

  • Not sure what floor it on

  • Has Elevator

  • No parking included

  • Willing to work with section 8 and EHV’s

  • Categories/ Considerations: Will work with fair credit; No Evictions or criminal backgrounds; No incentives were offered

  • Note: No other units are available

  • Link:

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