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(09/22) LAFH Location Presents: Hot Leads

September 22, 2022


New FMR Rates:

Effective OCTOBER 2022







FY 2023 FMR






FY 2022 FMR






HACLA Section 8 Waiting List Opening Soon  HACLA works with Solidarity Consulting to Conduct Outreach for Section 8 Waitlist Opening October 17 - October 30

  • Register for the HACLA Waitlist Partner Information Session (Thursday, September 15) here.

  • A message from the HACLA President and CEO: "Dear Community Partner, In compliance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations for the administration of housing choice vouchers, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) must maintain a Section 8 Waiting List to select applicants for participation in the program. The current list was closed in 2017 and applicants have continuously been drawn down for eligibility interviews from that list since February 2018. HACLA expects to exhaust our current Section 8 Waiting List soon. Therefore, beginning October 17 through October 30, 2022 we are scheduled to open the list again for the first time in five years. Five years ago, more than 180,000 applications for the waiting list lottery were received and 20,000 were randomly selected for a place on the list. We expect similar or higher levels of interest for this year’s wait list lottery and, given your agency’s work serving some of the most vulnerable families and individuals in Los Angeles, would appreciate your support to inform and encourage residents to submit an online application. HACLA is working to ensure equitable access to the application process for people who face barriers with online applications. This includes seniors, persons with disabilities, homeless individuals, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations, veterans, and others who may not have internet access. Your support is important to help reach these populations. I hope you will join us in this very important effort. We are working with Solidarity Consulting to coordinate outreach efforts. For more information on how providers can support this effort, join our webinar tomorrow Thursday September 15, 2022 11AM-12PM."

Housing opportunities

Angel Canales presents:

719 W Ave H 13, 4BR/Lancaster (1)/LACDA only | LAFH Location

  • 4BR/2BA Apartment

  • $3,500.00 per month

  • Contact Information: Alex (818) 606-5515

222 E Ave., #00,4BR/Palmdale (1)/LACDA only | LAFH Location

  • 4BR/1.5BA Apartment

  • $3,500.00 per month

  • Contact Information: Alex (818) 606-5515

Brandie Carter presents:

4760 Kester Avenue, #19, 1BR/Sherman Oaks (2)/HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,875.00 per month

  • Contact information: Brandie Carter at (747) 214-8300 or

Jerome Nilssen Presents:

14148 Erwin St, Van Nuys, CA 91401 (Blog Exclusive)

  • 2BR/1BA Unit

  • $2,044.00

  • Contact Information: Gary Cuzano, (818) 268-2874 Note(s): The owner will take whatever HACA offers. The unit will not be ready until mid-October. Two bedrooms in a good Van Nuys location. We can talk shaky credit. The owner is an old friend of the agency, Gary Cuzano, 818.268.2874. (Not ready yet for viewing.)

  • Photo(s):

14400 Valerio St, #00,1BR/Van Nuys(2)/HACLA Only | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,925.00 per month

  • Contact information: Maria G (818) 269-2498 or

13225 Gault St., #203, 3BR/North Hollywood (2)/HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • 3BR/1.5 BA Apartment

  • $2,600.00 per month

  • Contact Information: Rigo (818) 850-8386

Lupe Orozco presents:

1BR/ Glendale (2)/ EHV (coming soon to the LAFH location website)

251 S. Loma Drive, #23, Studio (full kitchen)/Los Angeles (4)/HACLA or RRH | LAFH Location

15357 Bellflower, #00, 2BR/Bellflower (8)/LACDA only | LAFH Location

  • 2BR/1BA Apartment

  • $2,200.00 per month

  • Contact information: Delmy (213) 858-8192 or

Robert Vasquez presents:

11722 Saticoy St, Studio (full kitchen)/North Hollywood (2)/HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • Studio (full kitchen)

  • $1,450.00 per month

  • Contact information: On-site manager at (844) 332-5934 x2644

10647 Sherman Grove Ave., #D, 1BR/Sunland (2)/HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,395.00 per month

  • Contact information: Saverio Ficocelli (818) 731-2193

8030 Langdon Ave, 1BR/Van Nuys(2)/HACLA only | LAFH Location

  • 1BR/1BA Apartment

  • $1,750.00 per month

  • Contact information: Jose (818) 239-7839

16100 Van Ness Av Unit 6, 2BR/Torrance (6)/IPHA | LAFH Location

  • 2BR/1BA Apartment

  • $2,250.00 per month

  • Contact information: on-site manager (310) 756-3810

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