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PDF version of Accelerator Program Flyer
Executive Summary: LA ADU Accelerator Program

The LA ADU Accelerator Program is a pilot program with the City of Los Angeles. The program is considered temporary long-term housing (up to 4 years), but the goal of the program is to place people in permanent housing, therefore all tenants in our program are required to place their names on at least three waitlists. An application can be found here and described below are the basic eligibility requirements. Please note that our waitlist is open to all who meet the requirements, however for single person units, this list is long (as you know, demand far outweighs availability), but the waitlist for two-bedroom units, for couples or those who want to be roommates, is much shorter, those are the units that are available and we are actively doing outreach to fill them. Please note, that the landlord/homeowner interviews three potential tenants so the unit is not guaranteed. We currently do not have the capacity to provide roommate matching.  



  • Be at least 62 years of age (if a couple, only one has to be 62 or over)

  • Currently residing in Los Angeles County

  • Earn at or below 30% of the area median income (AMI)

    • $2,070 (or below) per month – Individual

    • $2,365 (or below) per month - Couple

  • Have a valid phone number

  • Have a valid email address (preferred)

You may also email Lori Resnick to sign up a client-

The LA ADU Accelerator Program:
for older adults facing housing insecurity
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November 2018
PDF version of affordable Housing Directory
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